Learning to Swim


Swimming is one of Australia's most popular past times and, as well as being fun, it is low impact and a great way to keep fit. 

The ability to swim is an important survival skill, but also provides a number of physical and mental health benefits.  Swimming skills, particularly among children, are so vitally  important not only for safety reasons but for motor skills development. 

Swimming is a skill and sport that caters for all  people regardless of age, gender, culture or ability and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to swim in a safe and friendly environment.



KIDS SWIM  LESSONS (over 4 years): 

Mark can teach your child in the convenient and familiar setting of your own home swimming pool. The home environment is conducive to learning and can provide  a less stressful atmosphere than larger  swim schools, especially for children with sensory or learning issues.  Take up the opportunity of giving your children a skill for life.


For many adults, learning to swim in a large public arena can be a daunting experience and often one that holds people back from ever taking the plunge. In the privacy of your own swimming pool, Mark can teach you a skill for life.

Mark is an accredited AustSwim teacher and can provide swimming lessons for children over four years of age and adults. For those who do not have their own pool, alternative options are available.

Contact Mark on 0407 402 446 for more information.